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23rd January 2020

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CREDO Software aims at providing high quality off-the-shelf software for complex risk/finance calculations. We achieve this via an optimal combination of proven and cutting edge technology, as well as decades of hands-on experience in building software. Have a look at our solutions and convince yourself.


We cover all areas of expertise needed to provide end-to-end support to our customers: ICT, data, modelling/validation, governance and project management. Having been in the business for a long time, we have learned the importance of down-to-earth, pragmatic solutions.


Having a deep domain expertise in financial risk management, proven track record in quantitative modelling, data management and software engineering, CREDO Analytics is a company of choice for advanced analytics projects in your risk departments.

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Why Choose Us?

Hands-on experience

We have been around since 2001! Our team of senior experts has the combined experience to manage your projects end to end: software, but also modelling, data & ICT, governance, reporting …

Ability to execute

We are more of a SWAT team than an army … A group of well-coordinated and highly effective senior professionals that get the job done. Always.


We have learned the hard way that too much complexity does no good. Based on this, we always try to offer pragmatic advice and solutions to our customers.


Our customer base is very satisfied with our advice and software, we will keep it that way!