Number Crunching:

  • Streamlined IFRS9 impairment calculations across stages 1, 2, and 3
  • Accurate determination of lifetime PD at origination and reporting date
  • Flexible configuration with a comprehensive suite of market-standard IFRS9 models
  • Seamless integration of custom models without compromising performance
  • Rule-based engine enabling flexible discrete decisions, such as stage transfer
  • Incorporation of economic forecasts for forward-looking stage transfer and ECL calculations
  • Overruling of data inputs when needed
  • Ongoing development for integration of in-house economic capital calculations
  • Extension for static stress testing, scenario, and sensitivity analysis extension
Credo's Features: Number Crunching, Finance, UX and IT
Credo's Features: Number Crunching, Finance, UX and IT


  • Unified environment for coherent computation of IFRS9 and local GAAP credit impairments
  • Management overlay for precise adjustments in staging and impairment results
  • Formal sign-off process for validation of staging and impairment results before final booking
  • Standard output interface via booking engine with event and inventory messages
  • Calculation of quantitative disclosure (analysis of variance – FINREP 12 and IFRS 7 § 35H)
  • Comprehensive auditability including user intervention logging and detailed individual impairment calculation analysis
  • Capability to manage multiple consolidation levels (available upon request)

User Experience:

  • Intuitive graphical user interface with context-sensitive documentation
  • Customizable workspaces for different user groups (available upon request)
  • Dashboarding solution enabling data visualization and analysis within the software
  • Export options for further processing calculation results using BI and data science tools


  • Scalable SAAS solution hosted in the Cloud
  • Well-documented standard data interfaces for seamless integration
  • Secure role-based access through existing central authentication providers (e.g., Active Directory)