Discover our robust and scalable engine for

Risk, Finance and Stress testing calculations

Credo’s Platform is  a robust & highly efficient calculation engine for IFRS, Risk Management and Stress Testing

Our RegTech platform brings to life decades of experience with Finance & Risk measurement calculations in financial institutions.

Built on top of Credo’s fully integrated Core Model , it is the ideal environment for performing integrated risk calculations and stress testing/scenario analysis.

Discover the platform capabilities

Unlock Financial Precision

In the dynamic landscape of financial reporting, precision and compliance are paramount. Introducing Credo’s Cloud Platform, an IFRS 9 solution designed to elevate your financial institution’s risk management and reporting to unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency.

1. Automated Compliance

Ensure seamless adherence to IFRS 9 regulations with our intelligent automation, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

2. Advanced Risk Modeling

Leverage cutting-edge risk modeling capabilities for precise calculation of Expected Credit Loss (ECL) parameters, including Probability of Default (PD), Loss Given Default (LGD), and Exposure at Default (EAD).

3. Stress Testing

Anticipate and navigate economic uncertainties effortlessly. Our platform empowers you with robust scenario analysis and stress testing functionalities, allowing you to fortify your financial institution against unforeseen challenges.

4. Real-time Data Insights

Make informed decisions with access to real-time data insights. Our software seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing a comprehensive view of your credit portfolio’s performance.

5. Strategic Decision Support

Transform data into actionable intelligence. Credo not only crunches numbers but also offers strategic decision support tools, helping you make informed choices that align with your institution’s goals.

6. Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline your credit risk management processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

7. Financial Transparency

Bolster investor and stakeholder confidence with transparent financial reporting. Credo ensures that your IFRS9 reporting is not only compliant but also communicate trust and reliability.

8. Adaptability for Growth

Scale seamlessly with your institution’s growth. Our cloud platform is designed to adapt to evolving regulatory landscapes and accommodate the changing needs of your portfolio and platform usage.