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DevOxx is a 5-day conference that gathers developers and architects to explore the latest advancements in the technology areas with some of the most inspiring speakers in the sector.

The 2019 Belgian edition of this event held in Antwerp hosted some 3300 attendees that could tune in to more than 200 speakers on topics covering the areas of, amongst others, Java, Cloud, Big Data, Security, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics.

One of these interesting talks was given by Arun Gupta, from Amazon Web Services (AWS), on how to use Kubeflow on EKS cluster (= AWS elastic implementation of Kubernetes cluster).

During his extensive, one-hour talk, Arun covered many interesting topics such as:

  • ML 1-on-1 for developers
  • Intricacies of ML in the real-world use-cases
  • AWS ML stack
  • Why machine learning on Kubernetes /  EKS?
  • ML workflows on Kubeflow hosted EKS
  • Customer use-cases of Kubeflow on EKS

During the customer use-cases section (46:40), Arun presented our Kubeflow use-case  for financial institutions (that Arun witnessed on Kubeflow summit 2019)

You can find Arun’s entire talk here.