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24th May 2019

Oudestraat 113

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Mission Statement

The mission of credo is to provide end-to-end consulting services to financial institutions in the domain of credit risk management. With our down to earth ICT, software and modeling knowledge, we provide user-friendly tools, practical implementation into your systems and continued support once you are operational.


Credo consider its clients to be business partners. we want to share problems as well as solutions. For Credo,  Consultancy mainly consists of knowledge transfer within projects.  We believe this must be a bi- directional process shifting from client to Credo as time goes by. This means there is a learning phase that creates mutual understanding and added value.

Within risk modeling and validation,  we cover credit risk and other risk types, including model governance.

Credo does not provide modeling for the sake of modeling it only introduces it when it will provide added value . we provide robust governance to minimize overhead and to minimize impact of model changes on your organization.

In summary what we offer is a knowledge transfer and training, doing the modeling work ourselves, offer modelling guidance to your in-house modellers,  validate the in-house modelling work and provide modeling governance and specific policies.


  • Calculate your one year/ lifetime expected losses and stage transfer using our off the shelf tool, which is built by our expert team of quants and IT professionals.
    • Includes disclosure and link to GL
    • Fully auditable
  • Our tool stands out by its rigorous workflow, calculation speed and flexibility. It is suitable both for banks of all sizes.
  • Kickstart your IFRS 9 program by uploading your balance sheets into our tool, and then finetune the parameterisation and optimize your governance using our support.