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23rd January 2020

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Algorithmic common sense behind your data-driven business strategy

Hesitating whether to jump on the ‘advanced analytics & digital’ bandwagon?

Most Tier 1 banks and insurance companies have caught the first digital transformation wave and are quite far in their ‘digital & advanced analytics’ implementations by now.

By getting more detailed client insights, they are able to react faster and more accurately to their customers’ needs. Mid-sized and smaller institutions will have to follow in order to preserve their market share.

A single partner for your data-driven business strategy

Data-warehouse deployed using an on-premise database or cloud provider, modelling platform delivered by a software vendor. Touchpoint management system comes separately. Orchestration is done by another tool. Add an external software integrator that will hopefully be able to manage this ‘IT Zoo’; and of course also a hipster data science company that brings in the modelling expertise.

Open your wallet, close your eyes, cross fingers and hope that it will all work out well … or work with CREDO, a single counterparty with proven track record, that will help you harvest your data in a series of small, manageable steps rather than through a Big Bang.

Not comfortable with flagship ‘big data’ solutions of global vendors? Too specific for generic cloud providers?

Global vendors promise to revolutionize your entire organization with Big Data/AI platforms  that offer computing power and black-box self-learning approaches. Even if such expensive solutions actually deliver what is promised, will these investments ever break even at your organization?

As an alternative, you could try building your own set-up using the low-cost tooling offered by generic cloud providers. But are these tools specific enough for your financial institution and do you have the critical mass of resources to maintain your set-up on the long run as well?

A modular umbrella solution for all your data analytics needs

YQ combines scalable infrastructure, GDPR compliance, tailor-made data model, modelling platform, repository, seamless deployment of models, their monitoring and finally orchestration of data-driven insights.

Think of application and behavioral scoring in the risk department, segmentations and propensity modelling in marketing, or fraud detection in operations, and other areas.

Need everything? No problem. Already have bits and pieces in place? No problem either. We think modular – you only pay for what you really need.