Welcome to CREDO, Your Partner in Common Sense

23rd January 2020

Oudestraat 113

B-2630 Aartselaar

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CREDO Consulting

We are always in short supply of consultants! There are some good reasons for this:

We have the combined expertise to service our customers end-to-end (data, ICT, modelling/validation, governance, project management).
We only work with experienced staff having at least 10 years of relevant practical experience (usually a lot more)

We opt for pragmatic, down-to-earth solutions, rather than strive for complexity

We work ‘backwards’:

  • Instead of starting a project with lengthy meetings to discuss the target operating model, project structure, etc., we make sure that a crude prototype calculation is up and running in no time. It gives a lot of confidence to have numbers available from the start.
  • With the first results in hand, the project structure is refined, taking into account what is (not) material in the calculations
  • Once both the client and CREDO have a clear view on the end result, the building of the final strategic solution can start. Other project tracks may already have been started before, making use of the prototype calculation until the strategic solution is available.