Welcome to CREDO, Your Partner in Common Sense

23rd January 2020

Oudestraat 113

B-2630 Aartselaar

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CREDO Analytics

CREDO Analytics is a different advanced analytics company:


… a bunch of graduates with our heads in data clouds, indulging ourselves in the newest, most sophisticated algorithms and bean bags. Neither are we the masters of neat presentations. We will, though, get our hands dirty with your data and be honest about their value added for your business.


… devotees of pragmatic solutions. We embrace that advanced analytics is your value generator, not an exhibition of our academic skills and fashionable algorithms. Day in, day out, we strive for lean, ‘nuts-and-bolts’ quantitative models that will make your organization work better internally, not only look fancier to the outside world. We crunch any data, big or small, clean or dirty.

We deliver. Always.